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Brita® Hydration Station™ | Touch-Free Filling Station

The Future in Sustainable Commercial Water Delivery

The Brita® Hydration Station™ offers a convenient, touch-free alternative to bottled water, filling up reusable containers with healthier*, refreshing water. The unit conveniently mounts on to most wall surfaces and dispenses great-tasting, filtered water from standard tap lines.

In operation, the Brita® Hydration Station™ features a touch-free, sensor-operated design that allows the unit to be activated without physical contact by the user, assuring hygienic operation and features a 30-second "time-out" function to prevent unwanted use and waste. Simply place a bottle beneath the nozzle and the Brita® Hydration Station™ does the rest for a drip-free, spill-free experience.

Easy to install on virtually any indoor wall surface. 5' extension cord supplies the 110 volt, 60Hz, and .1 amp draw when in use. A removable water catch basin is provided (this may be converted to a hard-plumbed drain with a retrofit kit).

  • Certified under the Drinking Water Fountain category by IAPMO.
  • "Touch-Free" sensor operated design allows activation without physical contact by user, assuring hygienic operation.
  • Sensor features a 30 second timeout function which prevents unwanted use & waste.
  • Antimicrobial silver helps protect against the growth of mold and mildew on treated components.
  • State-of-the-art integral water filtration system assures great tasting "polished" water.
  • 2500 gallon capacity filter cartridge, with indicator light set at 2000 gallons to notify when replacement is necessary.
  • 16 gauge, Type 304 Stainless Steel back panel, ABS front panel construction.
  • Laminar flow prevents splashing, keeping the drinking area contained and clean.
  • #4 satin finish back panel resists stains and corrosion.

* Certified to reduce lead and cysts. Substances reduced may not be in all user's water.

Price of bottled water based upon average cost from commercially available data on 8/1/2010. Brita® Hydration Station™ pricing based upon normal filter change-over and standard municipal tap water rates. Based on Nevada's Washoe County tap water rates.

Mounting consists of heavy gauge galvanized steel frame, hardware and trap access panel. 110 volt, 60Hz, and .1 amp draw when in use. Tailpiece is 1-1/4" O.D. Provision for trap (not included) must be made in or behind wall. Optional remote chiller provides instant cooling at 8 gph.

Hydration Station™ Video | Belson Outdoors YouTube Channel

Over 80% of the U.S. population goes through their day in a physically dehydrated state.

The unit is the only NSF/ANSI 53 certified drinking water system on the market. NSF 53 addresses point-of-use systems and certifies that claimed contaminants are filtered out by the system. These contaminants may be present in public or private drinking water. The 2,500 gallon carbon block filter reduces chlorine (taste and odor) and lead, and removes cysts.

The unit incorporates an advanced filtration system offering reduction of chlorine taste and odors, lead, and removes 99.99% of cysts for consistent healthier*, great-tasting water. The Brita® Hydration Station™ easily hooks up to a municipal water line and includes a 2,500 gallon capacity Brita® filter.

Saves Money
Using the Brita® Hydration Station™ may dramatically save you money, compared to the cost of bottled water or awkward, 5-gallon office jugs. On average, a single bottle of water costs between 500 and 1,000 times municipal tap water. Make the switch to the Brita® Hydration Station™ and fill-up a standard reusable bottle for less than one cent. On average, the unit pays for itself in about 10 months for organizations with 75 people or more, compared to the cost of 5-gallon office jugs and bottled water.
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Brita® Hydration Station™ | Semi-Recessed

2000S Sensor Operated Water Bottle Filling Station (33 lbs) $0.00


HCR8 Remote Chiller, 8 gallons per hour (47 lbs) $1,004.00
MTGFR.HSC Mounting Kit for Chiller (includes mounting frame and grill) (11 lbs) $436.00
H7149MS Mounting Shelf for Remote Chiller (16 lbs) $348.00

Brita® Hydration Station™ | Surface Mounted

2000SMS Sensor Operated Touch-Free Filling Station (37 lbs) $0.00


6470 Drain Kit for Model 2000SMS (5 lbs) $0.00
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