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Bennington | Historical American Flag

American Revolution Battle of Bennington Flag

This flag was said to have flown at the Battle of Bennington in 1777, but family history, related to the 13th President Millard Fillmore, and fiber analysis dated the flag to the era of the War of 1812.

The white number "76" on the blue canton recalls the year 1776 in which the Declaration of Independence was signed. Arranged in a an arch around the number 76 are 11 stars. Two additional stars are in the upper corners of the canton for a total of 13 seven-pointed stars symbolizing the 13 American colonies. The 13 white and red stripes alternate with white as the top and bottom stripes.

Constructed from heavy duty 200 denier nylon, finished with a canvas heading and grommets.

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Bennington Historical Flag Graphic

Select from heading and grommets only, pole hem only, fringe only or pole hem and fringe together.

  • UV Resistant Fabric.
  • Canvas Heading with Brass Grommets.
  • Optional Pole Hem & Fringe Finishing.
  • Color Matched Thread.
  • Full 1/4" Turn on All Seams.
  • Chain Stitch on All Horizontal Seams.
  • All Flags are quadruple stitched and back tacked (4 rows of stitching) at the fly hem.
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Bennington Historical Amercian Flag | Outdoor

H05F02161 3' x 5' Bennington Flag (1 lbs) $129.00

Bennington Historical Amercian Flag | Inside/Parade

H05F02161 3' x 5' Bennington Flag (1 lbs) $129.00
Finish Options Pole Hem ($50.00) Fringe ($50.00) Pole Hem & Fringe ($99.00)
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