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Yantzee Bass Metallophone

Rich Canvas of Sound

Inspire imagination, creativity and build community through music with the Yantzee (yank-zee) Bass Metallophone. The smart compact 10 note design, Yantzee produces warm dulcet, low range voicing resembling pedal tones of a pipe organ and the distant sound of cathedral bells.

  • Style - Xylophone
  • # of Notes - 10
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Sound - Bass / Sustaining
  • Resonated - Yes
  • Range - Bass
  • Diatonic - Yes
  • Key / Scale - A
  • Fully Assembled - Yes
Mount Styles
Steel Post
In-ground Mount
Steel Post
Surface Mount
Recycled Plastic Post
Recycled Plastic Post
In-ground Mount
Recycled Plastic Post
Surface Mount
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Model FHP-011-RIG

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Built ready for outdoor musical fun, this simple metallophone is constructed with 2-1/2" anodized aluminum keys, 3" aluminum resonating tubes, a semi-closed housing and an HDPE frame.

Finish Height
Ensembles instruments are specifically configured for portable, in-ground or surface mount installation, the recycled plastic and steel post mounts are factory cut for Adult or Toddler 'Finish Height'. The in-ground mount posts are ready for subgrade installations with 36" length for 'Frost Depth'. Actual Post Length = Finish Height + Frost Depth. Recycled plastic post can be easily cut to custom height in the field.
Yantzee Bass Metallophone

Yantzee provides an easy to use, always in-tuned opportunity to embrace musical exploration—great for playgrounds, community recreation spaces and musical parks as an foundational standalone piece or as an exceptional accompaniment for other outdoor musical instruments.

Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Yantzee Bass Metallophone | Recycled Plastic Post

FHP-011-RPM Portable Mount (135 lbs) $6,239.00
FHP-011-RIG In-ground Mount (147 lbs) $5,889.00
FHP-011-RSM Surface Mount (120 lbs) $6,109.00

Yantzee Bass Metallophone | Steel Post

FHP-011-SIG In-ground Mount (162 lbs) $6,719.00
FHP-011-SSM Surface Mount (130 lbs) $6,719.00

Optional Replacement Items

FHP-024 Standard Single Mallet with Cable & Hardware (1 lbs) $109.00
FHP-033 Inclusive Single Mallet with Cable & Hardware (1 lbs) $125.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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