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Wastewatchers Swing Top Waste Receptacles

Classic Style Functional Design

There is a reason this classic style waste receptacle is a best seller—its time tested highly functional design. The swing close door prevents unwanted odor from escaping. Available in three different sizes, to meet just about any volume requirements, and choose the color options as shown to meet the décor.

  • Help Contain Odors.
  • Puncture Resistant.
  • ADA & OHSA Compliant.
  • Optional Heavy-Duty Plastic Liners.

Stainless Steel Push Top Waste Receptacles
Models 1311HTSL | 1411HTAL | 1511HTWH

Stainless Steel Push Top Waste Receptacles
Models 1311HTSS | 1411HTSS | 1511HTSS

Model 1311HT: 13"Sq. x 29"H
Model 1411HT: 15"Sq. x 37"H
Model 1511HT: 19"Sq. x 37"H
Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Wastewatchers Swing Top Waste Receptacles & Optional Liners

1311HTWH White 13 Gallon (18 lbs) $249.00
1311HTAL Almond 13 Gallon (18 lbs) $249.00
1311HTSL Slate 13 Gallon (18 lbs) $249.00
1311HTSS Stainless Steel 13 Gallon (18 lbs) $355.00
13R Rigid Poly Liner 13 Gallon (4 lbs) $63.00
1411HTWH White 21 Gallon (24 lbs) $314.00
1411HTAL Almond 21 Gallon (24 lbs) $314.00
1411HTSL Slate 21 Gallon (24 lbs) $314.00
1411HTSS Stainless Steel 21 Gallon (24 lbs) $427.00
21R Rigid Poly Liner 21 Gallon (5 lbs) $80.00
1511HTWH White 36 Gallon (33 lbs) $326.00
1511HTAL Almond 36 Gallon (33 lbs) $326.00
1511HTSL Slate 36 Gallon (33 lbs) $326.00
1511HTSS Stainless Steel 36 Gallon (33 lbs) $487.00
36R Rigid Poly Liner 36 Gallon (8 lbs) $90.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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