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Universal Access Chest Press Station

Foster Support

Employing the identical technology as fitness workout stations found in exercise centers and gyms, the Universal Access Chest Press is designed to deliver the same performance but, combined with a fresh outdoor experience. Promotes socialization by encouraging cooperative use that fosters shared inspiration and support.

Quick Buying Guide

This double sided station reserves one side for a mobility device to take full advantage of the machine, the opposite side has weather-proof contoured ergonomic seat. The isokinetic springs activate to provide smooth resistance for an acutely targeted strength workout.

The Chest Press Station is an innovative, all-steel and powder-coated piece of outdoor fitness equipment designed for long term, community friendly use.

Metal Color Options
Surface Mount
Footing Mount
In-ground Mount
Model UP179SM | Universal Access Chest Press Station
Model UP179SM

Health Benefits
Strengthens chest, shoulders, upper and mid abs, forearms, and triceps.
Improves cardiovascular fitness & flexibility.
Broadens shoulders and tightens core muscles to improve posture.
Improves the ability to lift and push.
Target Muscles
Secondary Muscles
Not suitable for people with general health conditions.
Do not over exert yourself.
Keep fingers, toes, hair or other body parts away from equipment elements during exercise.
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Universal Access Chest Press Station

UA Logo UP179SM Surface Mount (169 lbs) $7,665.00
UA Logo UP179J Footing Mount (169 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo UP179S In-ground Mount Mount (169 lbs) $8,103.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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