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U.S. Flag | Nylon Taffeta

Means Only the Finest!

Our Nylon Taffeta flag is manufactured from premium material to give a full, rich, lustrous sheen. It is finished with the finest features including colored-matched thread, embroidered silk rayon stars, lined pole hem with leather mounting tabs, and a golden rayon/bullion fringe. It offers excellent weather resistance when it goes outdoors for parade use. Whatever your use, it will stay elegant looking for years.

Embroidered Star
Life Long Seam
Fly Hem
Please Note
Minimum Order of $230 Required
U.S. Flag Detail

  • Pole Hem with Fringe.
  • Embroidered Stars.
  • Sewn Stripes.
  • Color Matched Thread.
  • Full 1/4" Turn on All Seams.
  • Chain Stitch on All Horizontal Seams.
  • All Flags are quadruple stitched and back tacked (4 rows of stitching) at the fly hem.
PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
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U.S. Flag Nylon Taffeta | Indoor Use

Was Special Qty
100F02163 3' x 5' Flag (1 lbs) $92.00 $84.00
100F02203 4' x 6' Flag (2 lbs) $123.00 $112.00

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973F66490 Conical Spear Gold Metal Ornament (1 lbs) $112.00
970F66490 Fancy Spear Gold Metal Ornament (1 lbs) $112.00
967F66490 Church Cross Gold Metal Ornament (1 lbs) $119.00
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971F66490 Maple Leaf Ornament (1 lbs) $197.00
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978F35000 Black Two Shoulder Leather Parade Belt (1 lbs) $0.00
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