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Tuned Drums

Create the Tempo

Explore percussive beats, rhythm and movement hand drumming on outdoor Tuned Drums. These 5 drums are styled with a distinctive Afro-Cuban influence and a unique shaped sound chamber, similar to conga drums—creating a voice like a tom-tom.

  • Style - Drums
  • # of Notes - 5
  • Material - Molded Plastic
  • Sound - Percussive
  • Resonated - Yes
  • Range - Alto / Soprano / Bass
  • Pentatonic - Yes
  • Key / Scale - n/a
  • Fully Assembled - Yes

The drum caps are 15", 12", 10", 8" and 6" in diameter and made entirely utilizing maintenance free, ultra-durable molded plastic. Drum barrels are standard in the color green and caps come in a choice of rainbow, natural, moss or taupe colors.

Model FHP-010-IG

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Finish Height
Ensembles instruments are specifically configured for portable, in-ground or surface mount installation, the bases are factory cut for Adult or Toddler 'Finish Height'.
Tuned Drums
6" Diameter Drum
8" Diameter Drum
10" Diameter Drum
12" Diameter Drum
15" Diameter Drum

Tuned Drums can be arranged in almost any configuration and for optimum safety each drum barrel must be installed with either less than 3" or greater than 9" apart from the next. *Between 3" and 9" lies a chance for a child's head to get stuck*

Mount Styles
Portable Mount
In-ground Mount
Surface Mount
Drum Caps Color Options
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Tuned Drums | Sets of 5

FHP-010-PM Portable (100 lbs) $5,299.00
FHP-010-IG In-ground Mount (110 lbs) $7,499.00
FHP-010-SM Surface Mount (100 lbs) $7,299.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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