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Park Bench with 2 x 4 Recycled Plastic Planks

Park Bench with 2 x 4 Recycled Plastic Planks

Community Comfort

Simplicity at it's finest, these traditional style park benches are well suited for a wide range of community settings. Utilizing 2" x 4" eco-friendly recycled plastic planks, the backrest and seat front feature bull-nosed planks for comfort.

6' Bench - 72"L x 23-3/8"W x 35"H*
8' Bench - 95"L x 22-3/8"W x 35"H*
*From Grade when In-ground Mount is Installed

Engineered for stability with MIG welded 3" square 11-gauge steel frames that are protected with either a galvanized or powder-coating finish that is available in the all the popular color options as shown.

Frame Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Recycled Plastic Park Bench | 6' Length - 2" x 4" Planks

982S-CDR6 In-ground Mount Cedar (180 lbs) $1,072.00
982S-BRN6 In-ground Mount Brown (180 lbs) $1,072.00
982S-GRY6 In-ground Mount Gray (180 lbs) $1,072.00
982S-GRN6 In-ground Mount Green (180 lbs) $1,072.00
982SM-CDR6 Surface Mount Cedar (170 lbs) $1,072.00
982SM-BRN6 Surface Mount Brown (170 lbs) $1,072.00
982SM-GRY6 Surface Mount Gray (170 lbs) $1,072.00
982SM-GRN6 Surface Mount Green (170 lbs) $1,072.00

Recycled Plastic Park Bench | 8' Length - 2" x 4" Planks

982S-CDR8 In-ground Mount Cedar (210 lbs) $1,208.00
982S-BRN8 In-ground Mount Brown (210 lbs) $1,208.00
982S-GRY8 In-ground Mount Gray (210 lbs) $1,208.00
982S-GRN8 In-ground Mount Green (210 lbs) $1,208.00
982SM-CDR8 Surface Mount Cedar (200 lbs) $1,208.00
982SM-BRN8 Surface Mount Brown (200 lbs) $1,208.00
982SM-GRY8 Surface Mount Gray (200 lbs) $1,208.00
982SM-GRN8 Surface Mount Green (200 lbs) $1,208.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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