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Wicker Finish Resin Tables | Matching Chairs | Havana Classic

This quick fold table set features a 1-1/2" umbrella hole, a reinforced table top and a Y-leg base for maximum stability, offering a quick fold−and−store concept that provides every eating establishment with the ability to set up and tear down quickly, saving valuable time and space. Table tops and bases are shipped as a set, and chairs are packed 4 or 12 per carton. All quick fold tabletops, bases and chairs are constructed from resin and are available in the colors shown here.
Model US240218 & Model UT903037 | Atlanta 32" Square Folding Table with Matching Havana Arm Chairs (Bronze)

Model US240218 | Atlanta 32" Square Folding Table with Model UT903037 | Matching Havana Arm Chairs (Bronze)
The chairs are rated to 300 pounds and tested in compliance with ASTM F1561-96 Class B requirements for safe commercial use.

Model UT903037 | Havana Armchair (Bronze)
Model UT903037
Havana Armchair

Model US240218 | Wicker Decor
Atlanta 32" Square Folding Table
Model US715037 | Aquaba 48" Round Folding Table with Umbrella Hole (Wicker)
Model US715037 | Wicker Decor
Aquaba 48" Folding Table
with Umbrella Hole
Model US903008 | Havana Classic Armchair (Tobacco)
Model US903008
Havana Armchair

These classic Havana chairs and armchairs replicate the look of quality wicker textures without the maintenance and at a fraction of the cost. They feature comfortable, easy to clean seat shells which will not break nor powder in the hot sun. The texture will not harbor germs, sand, dirt, bacteria or fungi. Powder-Coated aluminum legs add structural strength to these ASTM rated commercial chairs. Havana armchairs also stack for easy storage.

Fold for Easy Storage and Transport!

PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below
US329037; 49329037; US317008; 49317008; US359037; 49359037; US347008; 49347008; 45409037; US429037; 45409008; US429008; 45509037; US529037; US529008; 45509008; 56999931

Havana Classic Armchair | Bronze

UT903037 4 per carton Bronze Armchair (14 lbs) $118.00/Chair
45913037 12 per carton Bronze Armchair (14 lbs) $104.00/Chair

Havana Classic Armchair | Tobacco

US903008 4 per carton Tobacco Armchair (14 lbs) $0.00/Chair
45903008 12 per carton Tobacco Armchair (14 lbs) $0.00/Chair

Atlanta 32" Square Folding Table

UT370018 Wicker Decor Square Table with Umbrella Hole (38 lbs) $288.00

Atlanta 42" Round Folding Table

UT380018 Wicker Decor Round Table with Umbrella Hole (47 lbs) $342.00

Aquaba 48" Round Table with Balcony Legs

US715037 Wicker Decor Round Table with Umbrella Hole (45 lbs) $302.00

Atlanta 48" x 32" Rectangular Table

UT385018 Wicker Decor Rectangular Table with Umbrella Hole (51 lbs) $406.00

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