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Swerve Rack

Swerve Up Some Bike Parking

Spruce up bike parking with the popular Swerve Bike Rack. Inspired by the long trusted 'inverted u' design the Swerve Rack is crafted with an innovative angled sloping slide which facilitates as a lean bar, the Swerve Bike rack is built to ensure secure and convenient bike parking.

Model SW-FT | Quick Dimension
Galvanized Finish
The hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance.
Model SW-FT-EPX | Swerve Rack

Constructed with precision bent 1.9"O.D. schedule 40 steel pipe, the Swerve provides two points of contact, allowing the wheel and frame to be secured using a U style bike lock. Great for standalone or in group bike parking—models available as surface or in-ground mounted.

Standard Powder-Coated Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Swerve Rack | Galvanized Steel

SW-FT-GV Surface Mount (20 lbs) $200.00
SW-IG-GV In-ground Mount (20 lbs) $194.00

Swerve Rack | Powder-Coated Steel

SW-FT-EPX Surface Mount (20 lbs) $200.00
SW-IG-EPX In-ground Mount (20 lbs) $194.00
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