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Square Concrete Bench

Build More Community

Standalone square concrete benches have a strong presence. The unique 3' x 1-1/2' size gives this square structure opportunity to provide a community with both bench and an impromptu sitting table.

Dimensions: 36"Sq. x 18"H

The simple square design with a slight recessed base, smooth curved edges and wide surfaces all accentuate the natural elements of the concrete material. Hollow-core design, this bench is constructed entirely with steel rebar reinforced ASTM compliant concrete.

Please Note

Do not place this product on any surface that will flex or move, these benches must be placed on a flat and level surface such as concrete.

Model TF5119

Widely installed for providing the durability demanded from high-volume landscapes. Available in standard and premium selection of finish and color options to meet that demand.

Concrete Finish Options
Upgrade Finsh Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Square Concrete Bench

TF5119 (825 lbs) $770.00

Square Concrete Bench | Ground & Polished Finish Options

TF5119-CUS2 (825 lbs) $924.00

Square Concrete Bench | Ground Glass Concrete Finish Options

TF5119-CUS4 (825 lbs) $1,078.00
TF5119-CUS7 (825 lbs) $1,348.00
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