Smart Step™ Decalon® | Large Entrance Mats

Commercial Carpet Tiles To Create Large Entrance Mats

Smart Step™ Decalon® large entrance mat tiles alternate rows of ribbed vinyl and carpet strips to scrape and dry foot traffic in large entranceways and foyers. Featuring cut pile Decalon® carpet mat for effective moisture retention. Ribbed vinyl sections can be perforated to facilitate drainage (recommended for recessed areas only).

Smart Step™ Decalon® tiles can be placed within a foyer recess depth of 3/8" to 1/2" or directly on floor — allow 9/16" door clearance.

  • Designed to provide years of service in the busiest of foyers.
  • Alternating rows of ribbed vinyl and carpet strips scrape and dry the foot traffic of hundreds of visitors per day.
  • Cut-pile Decalon® carpet mat strips for effective moisture retention.
  • Vinyl tiles made from 100% recycled PVC.
Please Note
Mat is fully assembled at the factory to your custom size specification. Orders must be accompanied by a sketch clearly indicating width, length and direction of traffic flow. When you measure, remember: Proper placement is for the strips to run width of mat. All mat configurations larger than 12 feet by 22 feet will be made in 2 or more sections.

When ordering custom size nosing please indicate required length in inches; and number of nosings desired in the quantity box. Sold by the Lineal Foot; price is based on the sum of the total length of all nosings ordered, rounded up to the nearest foot.
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Smart Step™ Decalon® Carpet Tiles | Ribbed Vinyl Strips without Perforations

325S1212 1' x 1' Square (2 lbs) $29.00

Smart Step™ Decalon® Carpet Tiles | Ribbed Vinyl Strips with Perforations

325S0012 1' x 1' Square (2 lbs) $32.00

Accessories | Custom Sizes

Length Qty
325E0000BL Black Nosing $6.00 x
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