Large Capacity Round Trash Receptacle

High Volume Waste Removal

Recycled plastic large capacity round trash receptacle ready to solve your high volume 32 and 55 gallon waste receptacle needs. The durable recycled plastic slats are available in the Resinwood color options as shown. Optional rigid plastic liner is available.

Mode PB55R | Large Capacity Round Trash Receptacle (Gray)
Model PB55R | Gray
Mode PB32R | Large Capacity Round Trash Receptacle (Cedar)
Model PB32R | Cedar

Model PB32R - 29-1/4"Dia. x 33"H
Model PB32RH - 29-1/4"Dia. x 33"H
Model PB55R - 29-1/4"Dia. x 42"H
Model PB55RH - 29-1/4"Dia. x 42"H
Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Round Trash Receptacle | 32 Gallon

PB32R without Door (60 lbs) $385.00
PB32RH with Hinged Door (65 lbs) $602.00
PB32RBON Optional Bonnet Lid (7 lbs) $109.00
PB32GLINER Optional 32 Gallon Plastic Liner (6 lbs) $60.00

Round Trash Receptacle | 55 Gallon

PB55R without Door (75 lbs) $474.00
PB55RH with Hinged Door (80 lbs) $636.00
PB55RBON Optional Bonnet Lid (10 lbs) $141.00
PB55GLINER Optional 55 Gallon Plastic Liner (10 lbs) $81.00


PB1997 In-ground Mount for 32 or 55 Gallon Round (12 lbs) $81.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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