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Rectangular Picnic Table with Pedestal Frame

Maximize Usability

Add fresh elements and aesthetics to outdoor seating with a multi-pedestal table. Innovative and modern, the free standing 6' and 8' steel multi-pedestal rectangular table is great for parks, schools, restaurants or dog parks.

The low maintenance and lightweight expanded steel 30-1/8" wide table and 12-1/8" wide detached bench seats are finished with a thermoplastic coating and the 4" square tube frame is sealed with a powder-coating. These highly resilient finishes protect the table from harsh conditions and high volume use.

Surface and in-ground mounting options available for this corrosion resistant, virtually maintenance free rectangular multi-pedestal table.

6' Length - 30"H Tops | 18"H Seats
8' Lenght - 30"H Tops | 18"H Seats
8' Universal Access - 8' Tops | 6' Seats

Model 349S-V6

Developed with user safety and convenience in mind, the expanded steel tables smooth, rounded edges with the frames featured non-trip, walk through design allows hassle free, comfortability to all individuals. An 8' ADA compliant multi-pedestal table allows full inclusivity that maximize usability to all with a single or double table overhang.

Top/Seats Color Options Frame Color Options
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Rectangular Picnic Table with Pedestal Frame | In-ground Mount

349S-V6 6' Length (255 lbs) $1,656.00
349S-V8 8' Length (283 lbs) $1,764.00
UA Logo 349SH-V8 8' Length (270 lbs) $1,764.00

Rectangular Picnic Table with Pedestal Frame | Surface Mount

349SM-V6 6' Length (249 lbs) $1,935.00
349SM-V8 8' Length (283 lbs) $2,046.00
UA Logo 349SMH-V8 8' Length (300 lbs) $2,046.00
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