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Rotisserie Spit Basket for PORTA-GRILL® Barbecue Grills

Patented Telescoping Nickel-Plated Spit Basket

Many barbeque experts agree that rotisserie, with its consistent temperature and steady rotation speed, produces a better and more consistent flavor than flat grills.

The 56" x 15" spit basket has the capacity to hold a whole pig or lamb up to 150 lbs. The telescoping basket eliminates the need to wrap the pig with that troublesome chicken wire. Telescoping from a width of 15" down to 5" accommodates a variety of size pigs, but more importantly can be adjusted, as pig naturally reduces mass, to hold the meat firmly throughout the entire roasting.

Model ROTO-BQ-R Rotisserie Shown On Top of a Model PG-2460-M Charcoal Grill with Model PG-200 Bread-Box Hood On Top
Model shown is the Super PORTA-GRILL® with the Bread-Box Hood & ROTO-BQ-R Attachment (Super PORTA-GRILL® Unit Sold Separately)
Model ROTO-BQ-R | Rotisserie with Spit Basket
Model ROTO-BQ-R attachment is designed to easily fit on every steel model PORTA-GRILL® including gas, charcoal, mesquite and pit.
The PORTA-GRILL® unit and Bread-Box Hood are sold separately

Setting the spit basket into the cabinet is made simple by the built-in channels that support and guide the basket into the roller bearing sockets, where it is secured with a locking pin. Removal of the spit basket from the cabinet is also just as convenient.

Free Pig Roast Manual

Easy access to the spit basket is gained through the removable front panel. The welded drip pan quickly drains grease from the cabinet. Included in the cost of every ROTO-BQ-R spit basket is a cabinet, drip pan, 110V - 4 RPM motor.

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Rotisserie Attachment for PORTA-GRILL® Barbecue Grills

ROTO-BQ-R Pig Roaster Spit Basket (246 lbs) $0.00
PG-200 Bread-Box Hood (127 lbs) $0.00
RL-VIDEO Pig Roast Video (2 lbs) $0.00
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