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Chest Press Station

Push for a Strong Community

The Chest Press Station is a safe, durable and independent machine to shape the arms and chest. Having a strong upper body allows one to perform daily tasks or other types of exercise with ease and more confidence.

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With a similar motion to a bench press or push up the chest press is a compound lifting exercise in the sitting position where the weight is pushed away from the body. The isokinetic spring resistance is combined with body resistance which allows users to customize their workouts. Exercises performed on the Chest Press Station allows for the focus on form and technique, all without requiring a spotter.

The contoured, ergonomic padded seat, back rest and slip resistant handles provide a comfortable surface to make that the first push to a better self. Improve community health and wellness with the addition outdoor fitness equipment, like the Chest Press Station, to almost any outdoor space—great for parks and along trails.

Metal Color Options
Surface Mount
Footing Mount
In-ground Mount
Model UP166SM | Chest Press Station
Model UP166SM

The Chest Press Station is an innovative, all-steel piece of outdoor fitness equipment designed for long term, low impact user friendliness. People of all ages and skill levels have the ability to improve the upper body without heavy weights.

Health Benefits
Strengthens chest, shoulders, upper and mid abs, forearms, and triceps.
Improves cardiovascular fitness & flexibility.
Broadens shoulders and tightens core muscles to improve posture.
Improves the ability to lift and push.
Target Muscles
Secondary Muscles
Not suitable for people with general health conditions.
Do not over exert yourself.
Keep fingers, toes, hair or other body parts away from equipment elements during exercise.
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Chest Press Station

UP166SM Surface Mount (113 lbs) $5,839.00
UP166J Footing Mount (118 lbs) $0.00
UP166S In-ground Mount (132 lbs) $5,839.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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