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Charcoal Grills

National BBQ Month Quiz

1. What City and State is known as the Barbecue Capital of the World?
A. Columbia, South Carolina
B. Memphis, Tennessee
C. Kansas City, Missouri
D. Lexington, North Carolina

2. Where did the word "barbecue" come from?
A. The word barbacoa from the Taino language of the Arawakan Indians in the West Indies.
B. The French term barbe a queue, which translates to "from whiskers to tail."
C. The Romanian word berbec.
D. All of the above

3. Grilling is a process of?
A. Interrogation
B. Cooking
C. Negotiation
D. Carburetion

4. The Most Popular Grilling Fuel in the United States is?
A. Charcoal
B. Natural Gas
C. Propane (LP)
D. Hardwood

5. The inventor of the modern charcoal briquette was?
A. James Watt
B. Henry Ford
C. Benjamin Franklin
D. John Kingsford

6. Browning of cooked meats is called?
A. Isomerization
B. Decarboxylation
C. Carmelization
D. Browning

7. According to the USDA, what is the minimum internal temperature for safely cooked Beef, Pork, Veal & Lamb?
A. 145°
B. 155°
C. 165°
D. 175°

8. Where was the first hamburger believed to have been served?
A. Hamburg, Germany
B. Chicago, Illinois
C. St. Louis, Missouri
D. A White Castle Restaurant

9. What Does BTU Stand For?
A. Bavarian Temperature Utility
B. British Thermal Unit
C. Baking Thermal Usage
D. Boston Thermal Unit

10. On a gas grill what connects the control valves to the burners?
A. Venturi Tubes
B. Regulator Unit
C. Fuel Transport Line
D. Control Valve Orifice

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