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Perforated Steel Collection with Tubular Frames

Corrosion Resistant Backless Benches

Available in modular configurations for added sizes. The frames are 1-5/8" galvanized steel tubing. The seating is 13 ga. perforated steel. All hardware is stainless steel.

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Pattern Options
Model 1H6CBS | Perforated Steel Collection with Tubular Frames (Forest Green)
Model 1H6CBS

Finish Options
The state of the art finishing process used on the bench combines the application of an 'Electrocoat Zinc Rich Primer' with a durable polyester powder-coat top layer to ensure every crevice and joint is completely sealed, providing full protection against corrosion and weathering. Benches are finished in either a gloss or textured polyester powder-coat finish.
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Perforated Steel Benches | 4' Benches - Surface Mount

1B4CBS Basket (84 lbs) $1,433.00
1H4CBS Horizontal (84 lbs) $1,289.00
1S4CBS Square (84 lbs) $1,433.00
1M4CBS Moroccan (84 lbs) $1,433.00
1E4CBS Diamond (84 lbs) $1,433.00

Perforated Steel Benches | 4' Benches - In-ground Mount

1B4CBG Basket (88 lbs) $1,433.00
1H4CBG Horizontal (88 lbs) $1,433.00
1S4CBG Square (88 lbs) $1,433.00
1M4CBG Moroccan (88 lbs) $1,433.00
1E4CBG Diamond (88 lbs) $1,433.00

Perforated Steel Benches | 6' Benches - Surface Mount

1B6CBS Basket (110 lbs) $1,463.00
1H6CBS Horizontal (110 lbs) $1,319.00
1S6CBS Square (110 lbs) $1,463.00
1M6CBS Moroccan (110 lbs) $1,463.00
1E6CBS Diamond (110 lbs) $1,463.00

Perforated Steel Benches | 6' Benches - In-ground Mount

1B6CBG Basket (114 lbs) $1,463.00
1H6CBG Horizontal (114 lbs) $1,463.00
1S6CBG Square (114 lbs) $1,463.00
1M6CBG Moroccan (114 lbs) $1,463.00
1E6CBG Diamond (114 lbs) $1,463.00
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