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Leg Extension Station

Extend the Leg Workout

An effective isolation exercise specific for the quadriceps—Leg extensions only requires movement at the knee. Can be a standalone station along a trail but most commonly installed as a part of a circuit styled workout area.

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The Leg Extension Station is a comfortable, accessible outdoor fitness machine. Popularly used to supplement leg work-outs weather sculpting the quads or rehabbing joint mobility. In lieu of heavy, complicated weights, this station features an isokinetic spring coil designed to provide adequate resistance.

Developed with an all-steel construction, a contoured cushioned seat and backrest, slip resistant handles and ankle bars, the outdoor Leg Extension Station offers optimum durability and safety. Finished in a weather resistant, non-corrosive powder-coating, the station is able to withstand the elements and tough use.

Model UP169SM | Leg Extension Station
Model UP169SM

This innovative, low impact technology allows users of all ages and skill levels to engage in safe, non-strenuous leg exercises.

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Leg Extension Station

UP169SM Surface Mount (86 lbs) $0.00
UP169J Footing Mount (91 lbs) $0.00
UP169S In-ground Mount (105 lbs) $0.00
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