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Knee Lift Station

Improve Core Strength & Flexibility

Our core is active in all daily movements and is made up of a series of complex muscles extending beyond the abdominals that support the spine, back and shoulders. The Knee Lift Station is a basic apparatus that utilizes body weight resistance to help improve core strength and flexibility. A variety of exercises can be performed and modified on this station such as: hanging knee raises, leg lifts or bringing toes up to the bar.

Strategically placing the Knee Lift Station individually along bike paths, trails, playgrounds or with other fitness equipment, creates opportunity for the community to engage in activities while watching their children play outdoors or exercise in a new atmosphere while supplementing current workout regimens.

Metal Color Options
Model UP257 | Knee Lift Station
Model UP257

Outdoor fitness parks continue to grow in popularity. Providing easy to use, low impact equipment within the community makes becoming fit or healthy convenient and comfortable.

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Knee Lift Station

UP257 (63 lbs) $1,165.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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