Imbarimba Marimba

Perfectly Tuned for Inclusive Play

Project modern style and create beautiful earthy, exotic sounds with Imbarimba. This African inspired 22 key musical instrument combines elements of a marimba (wooden xylophone) and kalimba (thumb piano).

  • Style - Marimba
  • # of Notes - 22
  • Material - Fiberglass
  • Sound - Earthy / Percussive
  • Resonated - Yes
  • Range - Alto / Soprano
  • Pentatonic - Yes
  • Key / Scale - A & C
  • Fully Assembled - Yes

Imbarimba encourages musical exploration and never plays a note out key—great for all-ages, abilities and musical background. Mallets are included and attached to the frame via nylon-coated stainless steel cables.

Mount Styles
Steel Post
In-ground Mount
Steel Post
Surface Mount
Recycled Plastic Post
In-ground Mount
Recycled Plastic Post
Surface Mount
Recycled Plastic Post

Model FHP-004-RIG

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Displaying a rolling hill pattern, each of the fiberglass musical keys are backed by individual, rounded anodized aluminum resonators and attached to a HDPE frame. Precisely spaced and secured, the note bars are strung together utilizing braided stainless steel cable, holstering HDPE frame.

Finish Height
Ensembles instruments are specifically configured for portable, in-ground or surface mount installation, the recycled plastic and steel post mounts are factory cut for Adult or Toddler 'Finish Height'. The in-ground mount posts are ready for subgrade installations with 36" length for 'Frost Depth'. Actual Post Length = Finish Height + Frost Depth. Recycled plastic post can be easily cut to custom height in the field.
Imbarimba Marimba
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Imbarimba Marimba | Recycled Plastic Post

FHP-004-RPM Portable Mount (109 lbs) $5,216.00
FHP-004-RIG In-ground Mount (121 lbs) $5,011.00
FHP-004-RSM Surface Mount (94 lbs) $5,216.00

Imbarimba Marimba | Steel Post

FHP-004-SIG In-ground Mount (136 lbs) $5,729.00
FHP-004-SSM Surface Mount (104 lbs) $5,729.00

Optional Replacement Items

FHP-028 Standard Single Mallet with Cable & Hardware (1 lbs) $87.00
FHP-036 Inclusive Single Mallet with Cable & Hardware (1 lbs) $99.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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