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54" Round Cafeteria Tables | Prison Furniture | 6 Seats

Stainless Steel Tables Tops with Optional Sound Absorbing Quietcore

You need to economize, but you can't sacrifice strength and durability and the other features that define prison furniture. This cafeteria table meets the rigid requirements of correctional furniture, but still has a quality appearance and a budget price.

The basic table tops are a #4 satin finish stainless steel. The second table top option is stainless steel Quietcore. The Quietcore top consists of a 18 gauge stainless steel top surface wrapped around a sound deadening particle board core. A checkerboard game pattern is optional with either top.

These tables feature a maximum security hidden bolt-down design constructed of a concealed concrete expansion anchor and tamper-resistant fasteners.

Model EMX5404-6SPTBT | 54&quotl Round Lunchroom Table (Stainless Steel/Mulberry) Model EMX5404-6SPTBT
Stainless Steel/Wild Berry

The stainless steel seats are 12" diameter one piece formed of 14 gauge steel. Super Slammer Stone seats are a 13" diameter round stool design made from a high density, color impregnated, compression molded composite that is scratch and stain resistant. Available in multiple colors. The frame features a neutral gray factory applied powder-coated finish.

Color Options
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54" Round Cafeteria Table | Stainless Steel Top Qty
EMX5404-6SPTBT Bolt-Down Legs (234 lbs) $0.00
EMX5405-6SPTBTS Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (240 lbs) $0.00
EMX5404-6SGTBT Game Top Bolt-Down Legs (234 lbs) $0.00
EMX5405-6SGTBTS Game Top Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (240 lbs) $0.00
54" Round Cafeteria Table | Stainless Steel Top with Quietcore Qty
EMX5400-6SPTBT Bolt-Down Legs (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SPTBTS Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SPTGL Legs w/Glides (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SPTGLS Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SGTBT Game Top Bolt-Down Legs (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SGTBTS Game Top Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SGTGL Game Top Legs w/Glides (230 lbs) $0.00
EMX5400-6SGTGLS Game Top Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (230 lbs) $0.00
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