40" Octagonal Cafeteria Tables | Prison Furniture | 4 Seats

Octagon Prison Tables with Laminate or Stainless Steel Tops

When strength and durability are a must, this is the cafeteria table for you. Originally designed for use as prison furniture, this table is built with heavy-duty steel tube legs that will hold up to 3,000 lbs.

This correctional furniture comes in two styles.  The portable free-standing style with adjustable skid-resistant glides or the maximum security hidden bolt-down design featuring a concealed concrete expansion anchor and tamper-resistant fasteners.

The table tops are available in a decorative high pressure laminate or stainless steel inlay. A game pattern top is optional with both styles (checkerboard / backgammon / solitaire with laminate top or checkerboard with stainless steel top . All frames and table top edges are black.

Model MX4040-4SPTBT | 40" Octagon Lunchroom Table (Laminate Titanium Evolve/Graphite) Model MX4040-4SPTBT
(Laminate Titanium Evolve/Graphite)

Super Slammer Stone seats are a 13" diameter round stool design made from a high density, color impregnated, compression molded composite that is scratch and stain resistant. Available in multiple colors. A stainless steel seat option is also available.

Color Options
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40" Octagonal Cafeteria Table | Laminate Titanium Evolve Top Qty
MX4040-4LPTBT Bolt-Down Legs (180 lbs) $985.00
MX4040-4LPTBTSS Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (180 lbs) $1,029.00
MX4040-4LPTGL Legs w/Glides (180 lbs) $1,017.00
MX4040-4LPTGLSS Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (180 lbs) $1,061.00
MX4040-4LGTBT Game Top Bolt-Down Legs (180 lbs) $1,123.00
MX4040-4LGTBTSS Game Top Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (180 lbs) $1,159.00
MX4040-4LGTGL Game Top Legs w/Glides (180 lbs) $1,155.00
MX4040-4LGTGLSS Game Top Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (180 lbs) $1,191.00
40" Octagonal Cafeteria Table | Stainless Steel Top Qty
MX4040-4SPTBT Bolt-Down Legs (181 lbs) $1,583.00
MX4040-4SPTBTSS Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (181 lbs) $1,627.00
MX4040-4SPTGL Legs w/Glides (181 lbs) $1,615.00
MX4040-4SPTGLSS Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (181 lbs) $1,659.00
MX4040-4SGTBT Game Top Bolt-Down Legs (181 lbs) $1,721.00
MX4040-4SGTBTSS Game Top Bolt-Down Legs Stainless Steel Seats (181 lbs) $1,757.00
MX4040-4SGTGL Game Top Legs w/Glides (181 lbs) $1,753.00
MX4040-4SGTGLSS Game Top Legs w/Glides Stainless Steel Seats (181 lbs) $1,789.00
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