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Concrete Drinking Fountain | Square Pedestal | Freeze Resistant

Vandal Resistant Square Pedestal Drinking Fountain

These drinking fountains use freeze-resistant valve assembly to provide year round operation. Fully engineered pneumatic valve assembly is one of the best in freeze-resistant technologies. The column like design allows the square pedestal to be placed securely in multiple locations without taking up excess space. Equipped with vandal resistant components, these fountains are not easily disrupted, quickly discouraging the worst of vandals. These highly durable drinking fountains feature concrete construction with an exposed aggregate finish and wire to reinforce the vibra-cast.

The anti-squirt bubbler head is polished chrome-plated forged brass with an integral basin shank that is shielded and vandal-resistant. The polished chrome-plated push-button requires less than 5 lbs. to activate, and the waste strainer allows for top down access to waste lines for easy maintenance. Options include a Freeze-Guard valve for areas with high water tables, and custom concrete color and finish options are shown below.

Channels perfect for Inlad Tiling
Perfect channels for
decorative 2" x 2" inlaid tiles
Freeze Resistant Valves
Model 6518FR is a fully engineered system with pneumatic operated freeze resistant bury valve installed below frost line, with check valve to drain water from unit when not in use and to prevent back-flow cross contamination.

Matching Products
Freeze Resistant Drinking Fountain Model 3121FR
(Portland Gray Cement Color
Exposed Aggregate Finish)

Legacy Model Number '3121FR', '3121FR-CC', '3121FR-CF', & '3121FR-CCF'
Now Requires the 3121FR, 3121FR-CC, 3121FR-CF or 3121FR-CCF and one of Valve Systems (Model 6518FR) Listed Below (Sold Separately) for a Complete Unit.
  • Model 3121FR - Square Pedestal (Freeze Resistant) Drinking Fountain.
  • Model 3121FR-CC - Custom Cement Color Square Pedestal (Freeze Resistant) Drinking Fountain.
  • Model 3121FR-CF - Custom Finish Square Pedestal (Freeze Resistant) Drinking Fountain.
  • Model 3121FR-CCF - Custom Color & Finish Square Pedestal (Freeze Resistant) Drinking Fountain.
  • Model 6518FR - Valve System (Freeze Resistant) fully engineered pneumatic operated valve Applicable for 2 Bubblers.

Haws manufactures all drinking fountains to be lead-free by all known definitions including ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65 and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Haws Concrete Drinking Fountain | Square Pedestal | Freeze Resistant

3121FR Portland Gray Color Exposed Aggregate (410 lbs) $3,496.00

Haws Concrete Drinking Fountain | Square Pedestal | Freeze Resistant | Custom Options

3121FR-CC Exposed Aggregate (410 lbs) $4,045.00
3121FR-CF Portland Gray Color (410 lbs) $4,190.00
3121FR-CCF (410 lbs) $4,739.00

Valve System | Freeze Resistant (Required to Complete Legacy Models)

6518FR Conventional Water Table Areas Freeze Resistant (57 lbs) $1,903.00


6620 Square Step, 10"H for 3121 & 3150 Series (115 lbs) $919.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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