Hamilton Collection Slat Style Park Benches

Precision from Top to Bottom

Offering contemporary style with precision craftsmanship, it makes sense that the Hamilton Collection is a popular choice for bench seating. Combining a traditional slat bench design with modern engineering makes these 4' and 6' park benches great for indoor and outdoor facilities.

4' Models - 50"L x 24-3/16"W x 35-3/16"H
6' Models - 74"L x 24-3/16"W x 35-3/16"H

Manufactured entirely with solid steel, these one piece benches feature flowing curved 1/4" thick slats with an elegantly styled frame. From top to bottom, these vertical slat park benches are finished in a smooth, ultra-resilient powder-coating finish that affords protection against environmental conditions to ensure the bench's durability and longevity.

Premium Color Options

Model 91C-S6

Ready to provide for additional seating comfort and convenience the Hamilton Bench Collection can be configured with side armrests, also with or without a center armrest.

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Powder-Coat Color Options
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Hamilton Slat Style Bench | No Arms

91N-S4 4' Bench (162 lbs) $0.00
91N-S6 6' Bench (212 lbs) $0.00

Hamilton Slat Style Bench | End Arms

91-S4 4' Bench (162 lbs) $1,446.00
91-S6 6' Bench (212 lbs) $1,521.00

Hamilton Slat Style Bench | End & Center Arms

91C-S4 4' Bench (162 lbs) $1,560.00
91C-S6 6' Bench (212 lbs) $1,633.00

Hamilton Slat Style Bench (Premium Color Options) | No Arms

91N-S4-PRE 4' Bench (162 lbs) $0.00
91N-S6-PRE 6' Bench (212 lbs) $0.00

Hamilton Slat Style Bench (Premium Color Options) | End Arms

91-S4-PRE 4' Bench (162 lbs) $1,475.00
91-S6-PRE 6' Bench (212 lbs) $1,552.00

Hamilton Slat Style Bench (Premium Color Options) | End & Center Arms

91C-S4-PRE 4' Bench (162 lbs) $1,592.00
91C-S6-PRE 6' Bench (212 lbs) $1,666.00
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