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DoubleUp Double Sided Free-Standing Vertical Bike Rack

Twice as Popular a Choice

The DoubleUp Double Sided Units are perfect for bike rooms within multi-family developments and other ultra-high density parking environments. Made with carbon steel, this free-standing frame will hold several bikes securely using the smallest footprint possible.

  • Free-Standing Vertical Bike Rack
  • Offset Design Prevents Handlebar Conflict
  • Fits Up to a 2-1/2" Wide Tire
  • Capacity for 8, 12, 16 or 20 Bicycles
  • No Metal to Metal Contact

Model 5109

Model 5109

Bicyclists can easily place the front wheel of their bikes on hooks that hold the bicycles firmly off the ground. Hooks are staggered in height so there is no contact between bikes or handlebar to handlebar conflict.

The metal locking bars provide two points of locking contact to secure both the front and rear wheels to the rack with either a U-lock or cable. Also included is an attractive imprint of a bicycle symbol that lets cyclists know this is a safe place to store their bicycles and keep passageways clear.

Models with Locking Bars
Locking Bars offers two points of contact to provide highly secure bike storage.
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DoubleUp Double Sided Bike Rack | 8 Bike

5116 without Locking Bars (180 lbs) $1,424.00
5106 with Locking Bars (200 lbs) $1,615.00

DoubleUp Double Sided Bike Rack | 12 Bike

5117 without Locking Bars (230 lbs) $2,140.00
5107 with Locking Bars (260 lbs) $2,423.00

DoubleUp Double Sided Bike Rack | 16 Bike

5118 without Locking Bars (285 lbs) $2,849.00
5108 with Locking Bars (320 lbs) $3,229.00

DoubleUp Double Sided Bike Rack | 20 Bike

5119 without Locking Bars (340 lbs) $3,560.00
5109 with Locking Bars (380 lbs) $4,036.00
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