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Deluxe Site Amenities Kit | Dog Park Amenities

Welcome Everyone to the Dog Park

Welcome visitors to the Dog Park with these essential site furnishings included in the Deluxe Site Amenities Kit. You'll receive a Welcome Sign, Pooch Perch Bench in your choice of style Perforated, Slat or Wave, Tidy Up Trash Receptacle, Leash Post, and Pet Waste Station (with 2 Boxes Waste Bags).

Model PBARK-477 | 24"L x 2"W x 60"H
Model TBARK-954-_6 | 74"L x 27"W x 35"H
Model TBARK-PR-32 | 23.5"Dia. x 30"H
Model PBARK-480 | 8"L x 8"W x 36.5"H
Model PBARK-490 | 18"L x 18"W x 96"H

All the amenities in the kit save the Leash Post features a decorative paw print and bone detail and are available in blue or green color options (except the Pet Waste Station which is only available in green) to match the natural or playful BarkPark® color schemes.

Color Options
Complete Kit Includes:
Pooch Pearch Bench
Leash Post
Welcome Sign
Trash Receptacle
Pet Waste Station
Individual Componets are also Sold Separately.
Deluxe Site Amenities Kit includes a Trash Receptacle
but lid and/or liner are sold separately.
Flat Top Lid
Ash Urn Lid
Rain Bonnet Lid
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Deluxe Site Amenities Kit | Complete Kit

BARK-DAKIT (552 lbs) $3,891.00
Choose Optional Lid and/or Liner Below for Trash Receptacle No, Thank You
FTR-32-08 Flat Top Lid With 8" Opening (7 lbs) $186.00
FTR-32-14 Flat Top Lid With 14" Opening (7 lbs) $186.00
AUR-32-08 Ash Urn Lid With 8" Opening (13 lbs) $263.00
AUR-32-14 Ash Urn Lid With 14" Opening (13 lbs) $263.00
RBR-32-08 Rain Bonnet Lid With 8" Opening (13 lbs) $233.00
RBR-32-14 Rain Bonnet Lid With 14" Opening (13 lbs) $233.00
PL32 Rigid Poly Liner (8 lbs) $84.00

Deluxe Site Amenities | Individual Componets

PBARK-477 Welcome Sign (32 lbs) $378.00
TBARK-954-P6 6' Bench, Perforated (170 lbs) $1,898.00
TBARK-954-S6 6' Bench, Slat (190 lbs) $1,898.00
TBARK-954-W6 6' Bench, Wave (207 lbs) $1,898.00
TBARK-PR-32 Trash Receptacle (77 lbs) $1,010.00
FTR-32-08 Flat Top Lid w/8" Opening Black (7 lbs) $186.00
FTR-32-14 Flat Top Lid w/14" Opening Black (7 lbs) $186.00
AUR-32-08 Ash Urn Lid w/8" Opening Black (13 lbs) $263.00
AUR-32-14 Ash Urn Lid w/14" Opening Black (13 lbs) $263.00
RBR-32-08 Bonnet Lid w/8" Opening Black (13 lbs) $233.00
RBR-32-14 Bonnet Lid w/14" Opening Black (13 lbs) $233.00
PL32 Rigid Poly Liner Black (8 lbs) $84.00
PBARK-480 Leash Post (33 lbs) $630.00
PBARK-467 Pet Waste Station (45 lbs) $495.00
DP-1402 DogiPot® Waste Bags (1 Box of 200) (2 lbs) $40.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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