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Header Pak DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Disposal Station

Header Pak DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Disposal Station Collection

Encourage Pet Clean Up with the Pet Waste Station

Header Pak DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Disposal Station designed to cater to individuals who favor dispensers that hold hanging bags rather than rolled bags. The Header Pak dispenser holds up to 400 hanging bags.

The Header Pak litter pick up bags contain 100 bags per card and fit all major brands of hanging bag dispensers. Heavy-Duty commercial durability makes the DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Disposal Station perfect for high-traffic dog parks. Set it up in a highly visible spot and help eliminate the harmful environmental effects dog waste has when not picked up. The Pet Waste Disposal Station is a proven solution for keeping dog-friendly areas free from dog pollution.

Optional Accessories
DOGIPOT® Pet Station Accessories

Environmentally-friendly DOGIPOT® litter bags release less CO2 than a leaf and are designed to meet US Standard Guide ASTM D6954-04 for OXO.

The DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Station components and other products and accessories can also be purchased separately to create your own pet waste disposal system.
(A) DP-1003HP-L Pet Station Includes
  • B - Green .08 gauge powder-coated aluminum Header Pak bag dispenser with single opening hanging bag access slot, front locking access panel and two keys. 9.4"L x 3.25"W x 15.5"H
  • C - 4 Pack of 100 count OXO 8"W x 13"H opaque green Header Pak perforated tear away litter pick up bags.
  • D - Green powder-coated steel 10 gallon waste receptacle with an attached hinged green powder-coated stainless steel lid, and bag retainer bands. 11.5" Dia. x 23"H
  • E - One box of 50 count OXO 10-15 gallon opaque black 1.5 mil thick trash liner bags with draw tape.
  • F or G - Your choice of an on-leash or off-leash 12"W x 18"H reflective aluminum pet sign.
  • I - A 2" x 2" x 4' to 8' tall telescopic galvanized steel mounting post with two carriage bolts ( 2-1/2" x 5/16" Dia.), washers and locknuts.
Matching Products
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Header Pak DOGIPOT® Pet Waste Disposal Station | Complete Station

A. DP-1003HP-L Forest Green (45 lbs) $464.00

Header Pak Pet Litter Bag Dispenser (400 Pet Litter Pick Up Bags Included)

B. DP-1002HP-4 Aluminum Forest Green (9 lbs) $171.00

Header Pak Pet Litter Bag Dispenser Refills (Hanging Bag Cards) | 0.8 Mil/20 Microns

C. DP-1402HP-CASE 20 Packs - 2,000 Bags Total Opaque Green (13 lbs) $115.00

10 Gallon Round Pet Waste Receptacles (50 Liner Bags Included)

D. DP-1206-L Steel with Stainless Steel Lid Forest Green (23 lbs) $250.00
DP-1206A-L Aluminum with Aluminum Lid Forest Green (19 lbs) $269.00

Heavy-Duty Waste Receptacle Liner Bags | 10-15 Gallon - 1.5 Mil/38 Microns

E. DP-1404 1 Box of 50 Liner Bags Opaque Green (5 lbs) $24.00

Reflective Aluminum Pet Signs

F. DP-1203 On-Leash "Pet Waste Transmits Disease" (2 lbs) $29.00
G. DP-1204 Off-Leash "Pet Exercise Area" (2 lbs) $29.00

2" x 2" Square Mounting Posts

H. DP-1304 4' to 8' Square Telescopic Post Poly Plastic Green (8 lbs) $127.00
I. DP-1301-P 4' to 8' Square Telescopic Post Galvanized (15 lbs) $113.00
J. DP-1307 Pyramid Post Rain Cap for use w/Model DP-1301-P (1 lbs) $13.00
K. DP-1302 4' Square Post Galvanized (9 lbs) $67.00
L. DP-1308 Pyramid Post Rain Cap for use w/Model DP-1302 (1 lbs) $13.00

Mounting Bases

M. DP-1305 Free Standing Post Base Cast Iron (19 lbs) $307.00
N. DP-1306 Post Base for Concrete Install Galvanized (9 lbs) $113.00
O. DP-1310 Surface Mounting Post Base Cast Iron/Green (46 lbs) $557.00

Heavy-Duty Waste Receptacle Liner Bags | 55 Gallon - 1.8 Mil/46 Microns

DP-1404XL 1 Box of 25 Liner Bags Opaque Black (7 lbs) $26.00
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