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Concrete Security Barriers

Security Bollards You Can Trust

These steel-rebar-reinforced concrete security barriers provide strong, cost-effective safeguards that protect your facility and the people in it from unwanted activity. They work great as stand-alone units or can be aligned end-to-end to create a continuous security wall, perimeter barrier or roadblock for traffic control.

Model TYPE4-8 | Type 4 Concrete Security Barrier
Model TYPE4-8

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TYPE4A-8 | Type 4A Concrete Security Barrier
Model TYPE4A-8

TYPE4A-8: 96"L x 24"W x 36"H
TYPE4A-10: 120"L x 24"W x 36"H
TYPE4A-12: 144"L x 24"W x 36"H

Built to meet or exceed any industry standard for strength and durability, these concrete security barriers are resistant to corrosion as well as vandalism. Also features convenient forklift knockouts for ease of relocating with a forklift. Available in the color options shown.

LSB Finish Options, Etch Finish Options, Perma Stone Finish Options, Dura Brite Finish Options
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Type 4 Concrete Security Barriers | 3 Rectangular Insets

TYPE4-8 8' Length (4,250 lbs) $1,408.00
TYPE4-10 10' Length (5,300 lbs) $1,726.00
TYPE4-12 12' Length (6,375 lbs) $2,107.00

Type 4A Concrete Security Barriers | 4 Rectangular Insets

TYPE4A-8 8' Length (4,250 lbs) $1,408.00
TYPE4A-10 10' Length (5,300 lbs) $1,720.00
TYPE4A-12 12' Length (6,375 lbs) $2,107.00
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