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Coated Steel 32 Gallon Trash Receptacles

High-Volume All-Steel
32 Gallon Receptacles

These punched steel trash receptacles help in promoting litter-free environments, perfect for high-volume walkways and public access areas—they are also well-suited for park and recreational applications. Constructed with 1/2" punched steel the receptacles can be outfitted with several options; four lid styles, rigid plastic liners, in-ground and surface mounting kits.

  • 1/2" Hole Punched Steel
  • 32 Gallon Capacity
  • Optional Plastic Liner
  • Optional In-ground or Surface Mount Kit
  • Free Freight

The protective thermoplastic coating on these receptacles and lids provides an exceptional level protection that will keep your receptacles looking good for years to come. The Advantage Finish is one of the most durable on the market, while the more budget-conscious Standard Finish is a polyethylene comparable to other manufactures in the industry.

Model RR32-PA - 22-1/2"Dia. x 30"H
Model RR32-PS - 22-1/2"Dia. x 30"H
Free Freight
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Flat Top Lid
Bonnet Lid
Ash Bonnet Lid
Steel Dome Lid
Flat Top Lid
Bonnet Lid
Ash Bonnet Lid
Steel Dome Lid
Advantage & Standard Finish Color Options Textured (Standard) Finish Color Options
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Coated Steel 32 Gallon Trash Receptacles | Standard & Textured Finish

RR32-PS 32 Gallon Receptacle (81 lbs) $521.00
FT32-S Flat Top Lid (20 lbs) $170.00
RB32-S Bonnet Top Lid (25 lbs) $249.00
AB32-S Ash Bonnet Top Lid (26 lbs) $373.00
SD32-S Steel Dome Top Lid (10 lbs) $179.00
RLN32 32 Gallon Plastic Liner Black (8 lbs) $59.00

Coated Steel 32 Gallon Trash Receptacles | Advantage Finish

RR32-PA 32 Gallon Receptacle (81 lbs) $605.00
FT32-A Flat Top Lid (20 lbs) $170.00
RB32-A Bonnet Top Lid (25 lbs) $249.00
AB32-A Ash Bonnet Top Lid (26 lbs) $373.00
SD32-A Steel Dome Top Lid (10 lbs) $179.00
RLN32 32 Gallon Plastic Liner Black (8 lbs) $59.00

32 Gallon Trash Receptacle Lids | Powder-Coat Finish

FT32-P Flat Top Lid (20 lbs) $170.00
RB32-P Bonnet Top Lid (25 lbs) $249.00
AB32-P Ash Bonnet Top Lid (26 lbs) $373.00
SD32-P Steel Dome Top Lid (10 lbs) $179.00

Mount Kits | Powder-Coat Finish

RSM-32 Surface Mount (3 lbs) $87.00
RIM-32 In-ground Mount (3 lbs) $87.00
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