Square Outdoor Tables | Ribbed Steel Style

Special Combination of Expanded and Ribbed Rolled Steel

These uniquely designed 46" x 46" (3 Seat ADA - 46" x 57" 2 Seat ADA - 46" x 68") outdoor tables feature thermoplastic coated 3/4" # 9 ga. expanded steel tops with a 2" radius rolled ribbed steel edge. The attached seats are made of 11 ga. ribbed steel that is rolled to form a comfortable form fitting bench.

The pedestal mount is made from 4" square galvanized steel tubing with a heavy-duty powder-coat finish. Both the tops and seats can are finished with lightly textured matte Polyethylene coating in any of the color options shown below.

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Thermoplastic Coated Square Outdoor Tables | 4 Seats Qty
C46-I In-ground Mount (398 lbs) $1,406.00
C46-S Surface Mount (398 lbs) $1,433.00
Thermoplastic Coated Square Outdoor Tables | 3 Seats Qty
C463-I In-ground Mount (378 lbs) $1,349.00
UA Logo C463H-I In-ground Mount (378 lbs) $1,473.00
C463-S Surface Mount (378 lbs) $1,375.00
UA Logo C463H-S Surface Mount (378 lbs) $1,501.00
Thermoplastic Coated Square Outdoor Tables | 2 Seats Qty
C462-I In-ground Mount (358 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo C462H-I In-ground Mount (358 lbs) $0.00
C462-S Surface Mount (358 lbs) $0.00
UA Logo C462H-S Surface Mount (358 lbs) $0.00
7 1/2' Umbrella | Steel Pole Qty
UMB75-P-S (16 lbs) $234.00
UMB75C-P-S (16 lbs) $286.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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