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Camp Fire Ring | Flip-Back Park Grill

Universal Access Fire Ring with Flip-Back Grill Grate
Universal Access Fire Ring
with Flip-Back Grill Grate
Optional Utility Shelf
Optional Utility Shelf
Tip Back Fire Ring Mount
Example of a
Tip Back Fire Ring Mount

This campfire ring combines our flip back cooking grate with our flanged fire ring – a practical design combination for campfire control and convenient outdoor cooking.

The camp fire ring is rolled from a minimum 3/16" thick steel plate with an integral formed 1" wide flange around top edge. This flange provides extra strength against heat warp and eliminates a vertical edge. Draft holes are provided for fire ventilation.

The 270 sq. inch cooking grate is adjustable vertically from below the top of the fire ring to 7-3/4" higher. This cooking grate is structurally reinforced to resist hard use and vandalism. Two adults can stand on it without deformation. Tip back anchor pins keep the campfire ring secured in one place, but allow the fire ring to tip up for easy clean out. Other anchor systems are available.

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Universal Access Fire Ring Grill

FR-307-S-TB 7-3/8"H x 30" Diameter Flip-Back Grate (66 lbs) $257.00
FR-307-X-TB 7-3/8"H x 30" Diameter No Cooking Grate (44 lbs) $194.00

Optional Accessories

US-5 9-5/8"W x 7-1/8" Depth Utility Shelf (4 lbs) $29.00
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