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CHAR-WOOD® Large Campstove Park Grill with Adjustable Flip-Back Grate

Designed for Larger Groups

Our TEXAS SIZE GRILL is composed of three grill compartments. This feature allows the user to build fires proportionate to the size of the group or build three different size fires to control the cooking temperatures for three different types of food.

Model CC-2460 | Texas Style CHAR-WOOD® Campstove Grill
Overall size: 24" x 60"

The grate adjusts to four different heights and flips back out of the fire area for easier fire building and clean-out. The entire campstove rotates 360° for best control of wind draft.

New Version

Firebox: 3/16" steel plate with integral slots to allow grate to be flipped out of the grilling area and adjusted to four different heights. 10"High firebox walls provide a wind guard for the cooking area.
Grate: 1/2" round steel bars welded on 1" centers.
Handles: 5/8" round steel bars welded through the sides of the firebox to prevent grate removal. The handle is protected on each end with a cool-spring wire hand grip.
Pedestal: Two 2" O.D. steel pipes 38"Long are welded to an 19" diameter steel support plate. The support plate is reinforced with two steel angles welded to the underside.
Locking Device: 1-1/4" O.D. iron pipe welded to the underside of the firebox penetrates through the pedestal support plate for receipt of a padlock (not included).
Finish: Non-toxic heat-resistant flat black enamel.
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Flip-Back Grill Texas Style Campstove

CC-2460 24" x 60" Cooking Grate (250 lbs) $0.00
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