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CHAR-WOOD® Campstove Park Grill with Adjustable Dual Flip-Back Grates

Belson's patented TWIN SIZE CHAR-WOOD® grill is a combination of two large cooking grates back to back. Each grate area is 18" x 24" and flips back out of the fire area for easy fire building and clean-out. Each grate functions independently of the other and adjusts to four different cooking heights. A special swivel and locking device prevents theft. Swivel mechanism allows 360° rotation for wind draft control. Overall size: 24" x 36". The CC-2436-HC adapts the standard CC-2436 for wheelchair accessibility.


Firebox: 3/16" steel plate with integral slots to allow each 18" x 24" grate to flip back out of the fire area and adjust to four different heights. 10" high firebox walls provide a wind guard for the cooking area.
Grate: Two 18" x 24" grates made from 1/2" round steel bars welded on 1" centers.
Handles: 5/8" round steel bars welded through the sides of the firebox to prevent grate removal. The handles are protected on each side with cool-spring wire hand grips.
Swivel Box: 4" O.D. steel pipe welded to the underside of the firebox with a special swivel and locking device to prevent campstove removal from the pedestal. Swivel device allows the campstove to rotate 360° for the best wind draft.
Pedestal: 3-1/2" O.D. steel tubing, 40"Long with special vandal-resistant locking nut and bolt. Pedestal is to be mounted in a concrete base.
Finish: Non-toxic heat-resistant flat black enamel.

Model CC-2436 | CHAR-WOOD® Campstove Park Grill with Adjustable Dual Flip-Back Grate
Model CC-2436

24" x 36" grill with optional utility shelf

Model US-200 | Utility Shelf
Patent Nos. 3053245, 3583385
Vandal-Resistant Locking Nut & Bolt
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Flip-Back Grill Twin Style Campstove

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Utility Shelf

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