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Body Curl Station

The Body Curl Station is developed with an all steel construction, punched with a perforated pattern and finished in an ultra-durable powder-coating. For those running, biking or walking down a bike path or trail, adding outdoor fitness equipment like the Body Curl Station to the sides of the trail helps supplement their outdoor workouts.

  • Perfect for Users of All Fitness Levels
  • Excellent Strength Workout with Very Low Impact
  • No Electricity Required
  • Eco-friendly, Powered by the People
  • No Rust, Corrosion or Chipping
  • Safety/Usage Label Decal Included
  • Label Dispaly Post Included
    (in Metallic Finish Only)

Crunches & Raises

Convenient and safe, the Body Curl Traditional Outdoor Fitness Station allows users of all skill levels to design and engage in workout routines at any playground, park, community center or outdoor fitness park.

The Body Curl Station bench provides a versatile platform to strengthen, tone and improve core muscular fitness. The declining bench design creates a different angle which allows the hip flexors and abs to work together to perform the sit-up or crunch. A support bar is located on the upper portion to secure the feet when performing a standard crunch or it can be used as a hand hold to help stabilize one's balance during leg raises or reverse crunches.

Deck Color Options Metal Color Options
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Body Curl Station

UP262 (225 lbs) $2,665.00

Replacement Accessories

UP197 Usage Label Display Post Metallic Finish (10 lbs) $298.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
Some Assembly Required
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