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Atlanta Resin Tables

Model US240818
48" x 32"
Wicker Decor

Model US240608
42" Round
Teak Decor
Model US420004 | Atlantis 36" Square Quick Folding Table
Model US420004
36" Square

Model US240002
32" Square
Granite Decor
Model US920008 | Atlantis 32" Square Quick Folding Table
Model US240720
32" Square
Shiplap Decor

Say Good-Bye to High Maintenance Materials!

Derived from a patented blend of raw materials, Grisaille's Rexform® finishes attain an authentic look and feel. Guests will enjoy the beauty of realistic wood grain, granite, and wicker without any drawbacks; you'll enjoy the longlasting durability, colorfast longevity, and the easy maintenance.

The table top and base are shipped as a set. Each of these resin Café tables feature a 1-1/2" umbrella hole, a reinforced table top and a Y-leg base for maximum stability.

Classic Stacking Armchairs
Sanibel Armchair in Charcoal, Acadia Armchair in Amazon Green, Atlantic Armchair in Teakwood
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  • Retain original color (no graying) - no oiling, sand or refinishing required.
  • Impervious to salt air, chlorine and most common stains.
  • Scratch resistant surface texture.
  • Table base accommodates 35 lb. resin umbrella base with filling cap.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water or a mild detergent.
The chairs are rated to 300 pounds and tested in compliance with ASTM F1561-96 Class B requirements for safe commercial use.
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below
US647008; US910008; US911108; 56999931; 56888831

32" Square Atlantis Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

US240002 Granite Decor (38 lbs) $268.00
US240720 Shiplap Decor (38 lbs) $268.00
US240208 Teakwood Decor (38 lbs) $268.00
US240004 White (38 lbs) $268.00
US240218 Wicker Decor (38 lbs) $268.00

36" Square Atlantis Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

US420408 Teak Decor (47 lbs) $319.00
US420004 White (46 lbs) $319.00
US420418 Wicker Decor (47 lbs) $319.00

42" Round Atlantis Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

US240608 Teak Decor (47 lbs) $319.00
US239004 White (46 lbs) $319.00
US240618 Wicker Decor (47 lbs) $319.00

48" X 32" Atlantis Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

US240808 Teak Decor (51 lbs) $380.00
US933004 White (51 lbs) $380.00
US240818 Wicker Decor (51 lbs) $380.00

Resin Classic Stacking Armchairs - No Broken Cartons

US119004 Acadia 4 per carton White (11 lbs) $59.00/Chair
46119004 Acadia 12 per carton White (11 lbs) $47.00/Chair
US119078 Acadia 4 per carton Amazon Green (11 lbs) $61.00/Chair
46119078 Acadia 12 per carton Amazon Green (11 lbs) $51.00/Chair
US119167 Acadia 4 per carton Bordeaux (11 lbs) $61.00/Chair
US119067 Acadia 12 per carton Bordeaux (11 lbs) $51.00/Chair
US119008 Acadia 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $61.00/Chair
46119008 Acadia 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $51.00/Chair
US442008 Atlantic 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $62.00/Chair
49442008 Atlantic 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $51.00/Chair
US452002 Sanibel 4 per carton Charcoal (10 lbs) $60.00/Chair
US451002 Sanibel 12 per carton Charcoal (10 lbs) $50.00/Chair
US451408 Sanibel 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $60.00/Chair
45451408 Sanibel 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $50.00/Chair
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