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Atlanta Resin Café Tables

Model UT370038 | Atlanta 32" Square Café Table
Model UT370038
32" Square
Granite Decor
Model UT375004 | Atlanta 36" Square Café Table
Model UT375004
36" Square
Model UT380008 | Atlanta 42" Round Café Table
Model UT380008
42" Round
Teak Decor
Model UT385018 | Atlanta 48" X 32" Café Table
Model UT385018
48" x 32"
Wicker Decor
Table Top Color Options

Say Good-Bye to High Maintenance Materials!

Atlanta collection resin table finishes attain an authentic look and feel. Guests will enjoy the beauty of realistic wood grain, granite, and wicker without any drawbacks; you'll enjoy the long lasting durability, colorfast longevity, and the easy maintenance.

The table top and base are shipped as a set. Each of these resin Café tables feature a 1-1/2" umbrella hole, a reinforced table top and a Y-leg base for maximum stability.

Classic Stacking Armchairs
Sanibel Armchair in Charcoal, Acadia Armchair in Amazon Green, Atlantic Armchair in Teakwood
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  • Retain original color (no graying) - no oiling, sand or refinishing required.
  • Impervious to salt air, chlorine and most common stains.
  • Scratch resistant surface texture.
  • Table base accommodates 35 lb. resin umbrella base with filling cap.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water or a mild detergent.
The chairs are rated to 300 pounds and tested in compliance with ASTM F1561-96 Class B requirements for safe commercial use.

Chair Color Options
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32" Square Atlanta Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

Was Special Qty
UT370038 Granite Decor (38 lbs) $360.00 $288.00
UT370720 Shiplap Decor (38 lbs) $360.00 $288.00
UT370008 Teakwood Decor (38 lbs) $360.00 $288.00
UT370004 White (38 lbs) $360.00 $288.00
UT370018 Wicker Decor (38 lbs) $360.00 $288.00

36" Square Atlanta Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

Was Special Qty
UT375720 Shiplap Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT375008 Teak Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT375004 White (46 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT375018 Wicker Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00

42" Round Atlanta Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

Was Special Qty
UT380720 Shiplap Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT380008 Teak Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT380004 White (46 lbs) $428.00 $342.00
UT380018 Wicker Decor (47 lbs) $428.00 $342.00

48" X 32" Atlanta Resin Tables With Umbrella Hole

Was Special Qty
UT385720 Shiplap Decor (51 lbs) $508.00 $406.00
UT385008 Teak Decor (51 lbs) $508.00 $406.00
UT385004 White (51 lbs) $508.00 $406.00
UT385018 Wicker Decor (51 lbs) $508.00 $406.00

Resin Classic Stacking Armchairs - No Broken Cartons

US119004 Acadia 4 per carton White (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
46119004 Acadia 12 per carton White (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US119078 Acadia 4 per carton Amazon Green (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
46119078 Acadia 12 per carton Amazon Green (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US119167 Acadia 4 per carton Bordeaux (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
US119067 Acadia 12 per carton Bordeaux (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US119008 Acadia 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
46119008 Acadia 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US442008 Atlantic 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
49442008 Atlantic 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US452002 Sanibel 4 per carton Charcoal (10 lbs) $71.00/Chair
US451002 Sanibel 12 per carton Charcoal (10 lbs) $58.00/Chair
US451408 Sanibel 4 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $71.00/Chair
45451408 Sanibel 12 per carton Teakwood (11 lbs) $58.00/Chair
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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