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Natural Stone Panel Receptacles

Natural Stone Panel Series Trash Receptacles

Aggregate Stone Panels Reinforced By Steel

Designed to withstand hard and constant use and endure severe weather conditions. Heavy gauge fire safe, hot dipped galvanized and powder-coated steel with natural stone panel construction. Complete with Germ Fighter® rigid plastic liner for maximum germ and odor control. Ships fully assembled.

Removable hinged top weather urn models conceal unsightly smokers waste and shield contents from the weather. Adjustable leg leveler provide stability on uneven surfaces.

Weater Urns & Replacement Bags Of Sand - White or Black
Color Options

PLEASE NOTE: Model Number(s) in Red are Discontinued
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

Natural Stone Panel 48 Gallon Trash Receptacles

A. R48HTWU Weather Urn (136 lbs) $0.00
B. R48HT Hinged Top (130 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel 38 Gallon Trash Receptacles

A. R38HTWU Sand Top (133 lbs) $0.00
B. R38HT Hinged Top (130 lbs) $0.00
C. R38SD Side Door (132 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel 29 Gallon Trash Receptacles

D. R36HT Hinged Top (102 lbs) $0.00
R36HTWU Weather Urn (102 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel 24 Gallon Trash Receptacles

E. R18SU Ash/Trash (70 lbs) $0.00
R18WU Weather Urn (77 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel 12 Gallon Trash Receptacles

F. R12 Receptacle (52 lbs) $0.00
G. R12SU Ash/Trash (52 lbs) $0.00
H. R12WU Weather Urn (61 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel 2.5 Gallon Trash Receptacles

I. R41WU Weather Urn (31 lbs) $0.00
R41 Ash/Trash (28 lbs) $0.00

Natural Stone Panel Smokers' Receptacles

J. R40 Sand Urn (28 lbs) $0.00
K. R40WU Weather Urn (31 lbs) $0.00

Ash Urn Accessories

N. B25 Five 5 lb. Bags Black Sand (27 lbs) $0.00
O. S25 Five 5 lb. Bags White Sand (27 lbs) $0.00
(Prices F.O.B. Origin)
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