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Molded Melamine Table Tops | Optional Folding Aluminum Base 200

Molded Melamine tables are hard, smooth and heavy molded melamine tops made of a molded wood/resin body with a fusion bonded melamine top; Stain, burn, scratch, and fade resistant. Cleans easily with soap and water. Specifically designed and engineered for indoor/outdoor use.

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These commercial quality tabletops and bases provide a strong, attractive, highly durable, no maintenance alternative from high-priced seating units.

Specifically designed for the food service and hospitality industries, these environmentally correct tables are naturally impervious to salt air and chlorine. They won't rust, fade, chip or stain. They are heat, burn, weather and scratch resistant. The tabletops are made of molded melamine and the optional base is made from aluminum.

Please Note
Table Tops and the Aluminum
Base 200 are Sold Separately
Item Specific Details Available on Linked Model Numbers Below

32" Square Table Tops (Only) for use with Aluminum Base 200 | Sold Separately

99841004 White Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $130.00
99841002 Tokyo Stone Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99841025 Granite Green Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99840108 Teak Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $165.00
99841018 Wicker Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $165.00
99842176 Aged Oak Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99842146 Barn White Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99842158 Catalan Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99842038 Granite Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00
99842171 White Oak Table Top (Only) (25 lbs) $142.00

36" Square Table Tops (Only) for use with Aluminum Base 200 | Sold Separately

99873158 Catalan Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873108 Teak Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $228.00
99873176 Aged Oak Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873146 Barn White Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873038 Granite Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873125 Granite Green Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873102 Tokyo Stone Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873104 White Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $162.00
99873171 White Oak Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $178.00
99873118 Wicker Table Top (Only) (31 lbs) $228.00

X1 Large Tilt Top Aluminum Base 200 (Only) | Table Tops Sold Separately - See Above

USX1W017 Black Aluminum Base (Only) (18 lbs) $131.00
USX1W009 Silver Gray Aluminum Base (Only) (18 lbs) $131.00
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