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360° Orbital Horizontal Ladder

Monkey Bars Connected in a Circle, with Ladders & Exit Poles

The 360° Orbital Horizontal Ladder Playground Component makes developing upper body strength and agility a whole lot more fun. Featuring endless overhead monkey bars that continue in a circle promoting interaction with others. Ladders on both sides mark the start, and the two end poles serve as an easy way down.

Adjustable in-ground installation height of 5' - 7'. Available in the colors shown. Tamper resistant hardware included. Manufactured for commercial use and tested in accordance with ASTM standards.

Post & Metal Glossy Color Options
Actual Unit Size: 10'-4"W x 8'-4"L x 7'H
ASTM Use Zone Safe: 20'-4" x 22'-4"
Age Range: 5-12
Model PGC-LH-360 | 360 Orbital Horizontal Ladder Playground Component Model PGC-LH-360
  • 1-1/4" O.D. Steel Hand Rails.
  • 3-1/2" O.D. Steel Upright Posts.

The circular monkey bars play structure is powder-coated with a 5-7 mills thick, triple flo-coated corrosion protection for a superior, high gloss, no peel, no flake finish baked-on at 400°F and resistant to salt spray, humidity, solvents, oils, acids, and alkalies.

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360° Orbital Horizontal Ladder Playground Component

PGC-LH-360 (528 lbs) $6,788.00
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Some Assembly Required
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