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2-Bin Round Concrete Recycling Container

Inspired Recycling

Combination recycling centers actively engage and inspire users to participate in green initiatives and waste management programs. The boldly labeled 'Trash Only' and 'Recyclables Go Here' decals are prominently featured on the polyethylene lid.

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Both disposal slots provide sufficient openings that encourage proper disposal. Two 24 gallon polyethylene liners, that fit side-by-side in the container, are included to ensure contents are kept separate.

Dimensions: 29"Dia. x 42"H

Model TF1196

This high performing recycling container is constructed with commercial grade concrete reinforced with steel rebar for maximum strength, durability and longevity in just about any environment. Standard and premium finishes available to confidently implement this heavy-duty concrete recycling waste container indoors and outdoors.

Weatherstone Glass Concrete Color Options
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2-Bin Round Concrete Recycling Container

TF1196 (960 lbs) $1,132.00

2-Bin Round Concrete Recycling Container | Stained Concrete Finish Options

TF1196-CUS1 (960 lbs) $1,245.00
TF1196-CUS3 (960 lbs) $1,472.00

2-Bin Round Concrete Recycling Container | Ground Glass Concrete Finish Options

TF1196-CUS4 (960 lbs) $1,585.00
TF1196-CUS7 (960 lbs) $1,981.00
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