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2-3/8" O.D. Metal Bench Frame Only

Supply Your Own Lumber or Bench Back/Seat Material

Steel bench frame made to support six or eight foot lumber or plank lengths. Mounting options include in-ground or surface mount for permanent placement on a flat surface such as concrete. Each kit contains two frames.

Finish Options
Hot dip galvanizing process results in an effective corrosion resistant surface with multi-varied spangle appearance. Polyester powder-coating process, available in either a gloss or textured finish, starts with a state of the art application of an 'Electrocoat Zinc Rich Primer' combined with a durable polyester powder-coat top layer to ensure every crevice and joint is completely sealed, providing full protection against corrosion.
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Model PBS-G-FRM210 | Galvanized Bench Frame Only
Model PBS-G-FRM210

  • 2-3/8" O.D. Steel Tubing.
  • Commercial Grade.
  • Stainless Steel Hardware.

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Color Options
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Bench Frame Only | In-ground Mount

PBG-G-FRM210 For 2x10 Nominal Planks Galvanized Frame (28 lbs) $857.00
PBG-P-FRM210 For 2x10 Nominal Planks (28 lbs) $800.00
PBG-G-FRM24 For 2x4 Nominal Planks Galvanized Frame (28 lbs) $857.00
PBG-P-FRM24 For 2x4 Nominal Planks (28 lbs) $800.00

Bench Frame Only | Surface Mount

PBS-G-FRM210 For 2x10 Nominal Planks Galvanized Frame (30 lbs) $1,049.00
PBS-P-FRM210 For 2x10 Nominal Planks (30 lbs) $899.00
PBS-G-FRM24 For 2x4 Nominal Planks Galvanized Frame (30 lbs) $1,049.00
PBS-P-FRM24 For 2x4 Nominal Planks (30 lbs) $899.00
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